Gas Generators

Ranging from 25kW to 10MW in a single unit, our gas generators are easy to install, operate, service and maintain. These gas generators can be connected in parallel with the grid or as a single unit (island) operation. The advantages of using gas are far lower running costs, reduced environmental impact, high efficiency and a virtually smoke-free operation, as well as being quick and easy to install.
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The combustion of natural gas is cleaner than conventional fossil fuels. The patented fuel system and advanced engine design ensure emission regulations are met. Compared to diesel power generation, gas generators have much lower Sulphur, NOx and Greenhouse gas emissions. The reduction in environmental impact is not only confined to lower emission levels but also the eliminated need for storage tanks or fuel deliveries via highly-polluting tankers. GF Genovate have a range of gas generators, ideal for emergency or planned maintenance, or to meet peak-season power requirements where a temporary solution is the most cost-effective option.

As the UK Government intends energy suppliers to be subject to a Renewables Obligation until 31 March 2027, the use of gas generators can help suppliers to meet their obligations by presenting sufficient Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs). This may mean you're eligible for Government incentives.

Siemens HGM Series
Siemens SGE-EM Gas Engines
Siemens SFGLD Series
Siemens Electronically Carbureted Gas Engines
The Siemens-Guascor Miller cycle, high-efficiency, HGM engine series ranges from 520 to 1240 kWb. This series represents a new concept in critical engine components with the advanced technology incorporated into the cylinder heads, valves, camshafts, and turbochargers. These components make this series of gas generator engines one of the most effective, robust engines available for electrical generation, co- and tri-generation applications.

The main features include:

- Highest efficiency turbocharges
- Dry exhaust manifold
- Double step intercooler
- Oil cooler in main / auxiliary circuit
- 90ºC main cooling circuit temperature
- 55 / 40ºC intercooler cooling circuit temperature
- With / without exhaust catalyst
Siemens SGE-EM Gas Engines
A powerful new competitor in the expanding market for reciprocating engines in power generation applications, the EM Series offers best-in-class performance with excellent efficiency on a small footprint.

The electronically carburetted EM Series gas engines feature the highest electrical efficiency in the industry, with low emissions from a smaller footprint. Output of the EM-86 engine is 2065 kW at 50 Hz and when fuelled with natural gas. At 60 Hz the output of the EM-100 is also 2065 kW.

Unique among existing gas generator engines, the EM-100 is the only direct drive solution available for the 60 Hz market.
Siemens SGE-86EM 50HZ
Siemens Electronically Carbureted Gas Engines
The Siemens Guascor lean burn, electronically carbureted, SFGLD engine series ranges from 252 to 985 kWb and provides excellent installation solutions for co- and tri-generation configurations. These gas generator engines have been designed to operate with accurate conditions thanks to the electronic devices, for the control of the combustion features providing higher performance at minimum emissions.

This engine series is commonly used in cogeneration facilities with natural gas at high temperatures in cooling circuits and with biogas in various applications where electrical efficiency, easy operation and service, and high flexibility of operation are required.

The main features include:

- Dry / wet exhaust manifold
- Single / double step intercooler
- Oil cooler in main / auxiliary circuit
- 120 / 90ºC main cooling circuit temperature
- 80 / 55 / 40ºC intercooler cooling circuit temperature
- With / without exhaust catalyst
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